Previous Writing

I have had a few blogs over the years, dealing mostly with my art and art related subjects. Most recently, I had a short lived blog about spirituality called Just a Moment. I decided to broaden my scope of writing and in doing so, I created The Curious Housewife blog. I think though that there is some worthwhile writing from my old blog, Just a Moment. In an effort to combine things, I have provided some links below from each blog. 

From Just a Moment

Praise Song

What Weeds Can Teach Us About Survival In The New Year

The Unexpected

And from my art blog, Creative Endeavors (where I occasionally write about non art related things!).

Take a Hike! Ten Tips For Absolute Beginners

A Little Hike: Big Trees State Park-South Grove

Biking For Beginners at New Hogan Lake

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