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Why I Have Many Backpacks Yet Only Have One Back!

What is it with me and backpacks? The one pictured in the photo above is now a few months old and came from Gossamer Gear. I purchased it during a Labor Day sale. Did I need another pack? No! My main pack is an Osprey Skimmer 30, also purchased last year during a sale. Both packs are what is termed a "daypack" and they each serve different purposes for me. (In the interest of full disclosure, I also own a smaller hydration pack, an 18 liter child's pack from REI and three backpack "purses" from Dakine.)  In my quest for the perfect pack, I have often felt like Cinderalla with a mild case of OCD!

Why all of the packs then? I think the reason has to do with a question that came up for me recently after a few discussions I had with other members of my hiking group. When I am trying to sort something out, I tend to ask other people questions so that I can maybe find an answer myself. Though I was initially wondering about my own love of backpacks, I started out aski…

Six Month Marker: My Reflections on Veganism

It has been six months now since I elected to go vegan. Switching to this way of eating has occurred gradually over the last couple of years and was prompted by a desire to eat in a way that was personally more meaningful and more healthful.  I have been treated for cancer and heart disease and so choosing a healthy plant based diet is part of my life plan in dealing with the aftermath of those conditions. Additionally, I really want to match my food choices with how I feel about animals; that they are sentient beings just like humans and that every last one of us are God's creatures, no matter how small or large or seemingly insignificant. In an overall way then, it's important for me to honor both my health and my beliefs. Veganism helps me to support both of those priorities.

As with many types of lifestyle changes, the process of going vegan has been slow. It is still a work in progress. Shopping for food is problematic. Many prepackaged food items contain animal based prod…