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Ten Things You Can Do Right Now to Feel Better

Over the past year or so I have noticed that many people I know (and many that I don’t) are complaining about not feeling well. Aches, pains, and general malaise seem to be chronic. Searching on the Internet for products, procedures, or classes that are designed to promote both physical and mental health is a common approach to solving some of the above mentioned problems. It’s no secret that we love supplements, fad diets, and an array of drugs designed to make us feel better quickly and without much effort. Who wouldn't want to just take a pill or eat a certain food to feel better?

Apart from whether or not these quick fixes actually work, one has to wonder about the problems that we are all trying to solve. Is something really wrong?  I believe firmly in the inherent ups and downs of the human condition, those days of lowness or highness that we can’t escape because that is just how humans are made. We are meant to experience the full spectrum of pain and joy. But, I also think …